Sunday, December 21, 2008


I made these just in time for x-mas. THey are based off the CD4017 CMOS counter chip.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I just added support for (2) 40x2 LCD's to the Sequencer PCB.
I just finished designing an All in One PCB for the midibox Sequencer v3.3. The only parts that 'fly' off of the pcb are: MIDI connectors, power jack, and 40x4 LCD screen. In other words the chips, the encoders, caps, resistors, etc, are all on 1 board. The actual pCB size is about 7.2"x9.6" which calls for a nice compact sequencer. The layout is designed to work with the stock firmware, in otherwords i did not do anything custom or strange.
None have been actually made yet. I want one for myself and the price goes down when i order more.
So what is my point?

I would like to know if any DIY'ers would be interested in buying a PCB only. You would build the box yourself. The advantages are that it is compact and all together so you don't have to do rats nest wiring.
-the pcb will not be sold over ebay, you would pay via paypal, and i would ship to you.
-the parts required are based from USA supplier's: Alliedelectronics, Mouser, Allelectronics
-some parts go on the opposite side of the pcb, so you have to pay attention!
-it requires a 5v Switching power wall wart. Those are found everywhere.
-the budget looks like $60.00 a PCB board with shipping included. I only want to ship USA.
-this is recommended for experienced builders only that always wanted an ALLINONE mb seq. Burning your own Pic chips is required. I really recommend that you have experience with MB sequencers. Not recommended as your first project.

-it is for midi only, sorry no onboard cv.
-the LCD must be 40x4, the good news is that a direct 16pin ribbon cable with block will connect pin for pin. No weird ribbon cable modification required. If you have to use (2) 40x2 LCD's your going to have to solder your own seperate small board with (2) lcd connectors.

From looking at the parts gathered, and material: it will cost you roughly about $150-200.00 total to build this project. You might be able to get it going for a bit cheaper but use this figure to scope your budget.

****only 1 run would happen, i don't want to keep making these. I really don't want an overwhelming amount of people to signup for one. more than 30 people is
I don't make these myself, they are CNC professionally made from my drawings from a PCB maker.

I will link a virtual picture of the pcb later.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I made these cool portable midi 2 cv converters for analog synths, these are the same design in alot of my products. The circuit is very stable and is cheap compared to buying other converters. Sometimes all you really want are the basics and for cheap, this is the perfect solution.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Polivoks VCF Version 2

Here is some High Rez Pictures

Polivoks VCF Version 2

Here is my Polivoks VCF All in One with internal LFO and Line Level Booster x100. It is being sold on ebay for the month of November. More will be made eventually also.
Here are some videos of it in action>>